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Flip the Pharmacy!!

The excitement around this endeavor is palpable through TEAM WPQC! We have 40+ Wisconsin community pharmacies elevating their care of...

The Pharmacist Will See You Now

Today is Thursday, September 30th, 2021. We have just completed the final day of #flipthepharmacy, and what a transformative journey it...

eCare Plans.

I use my eCare plan system to help me keep track of the clinical programs offered at my Pharmacy. I make sure I document every thing I...

Together We Can

Some pharmacies fill 800 prescriptions a day and have been open for 40 years while others fill 2 prescriptions per day and have only been...

Season of change

The word fall can bring many thoughts to mind.  For some, images of corn mazes, pumpkin patches and hayrides, come to mind.  For me and...

Ready for Launch

When launching a rocket to Mars – do not aim at where Mars is located. Aim for where it will be by the time the rocket gets there. Mars...

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