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Change Beyond FtP

Bethanne Brown PharmD, BCACP, TTS

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Winkle College of Pharmacy

University of Cincinnati

Community First Pharmacy is a group of 3 not-for-profit pharmacies located in Hamilton, Middletown and the newest location in Dayton, Ohio.  As a not for profit business, our focus is on providing personalized care to all our patients.  Whether you have insurance or pay for your medications out of pocket, we are here for you to help optimize your health by providing affordable pharmacy services.

Since joining Flip the Pharmacy, we are trialing new and innovative practice models at our original location in Hamilton. This pharmacy serves a broad range of patients in all socioeconomic levels and fills 220 prescriptions daily.  Since this is our busiest location, once the new processes are in place, we plan to spread to the others 2 locations to provide an improved level of care to all we serve.

Besides the practice transformation targeted disease states, we have realized that other processes within the pharmacy were not working as efficiently as possible.  While located within a primary care clinic office, the communication between our staff and the providers was not always the best.  By using the tools within FTP, we have now developed new processes for obtaining prior authorization (PA) approvals for our patients.  This allows for medications to be approved and therapy started in a more timely manner; improving patient outcomes, workflow and staff satisfaction.

While improving the PA process was not an official change package, the ideals, tools and staff engagement from participation in FTP has allowed us to expand our scope.  The changes observed in other areas of our workflow have made a lasting impact on our team.

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