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It's Been a Year Already?

The following update was shared by Randy McDonough, Flip the Pharmacy Director of Practice Transformation on the Flip the Pharmacy newsletter. We are re-posting it here on our blog.

It is interesting to note that it was a year ago that CPESN Networks were applying to be part of the first Flip the Pharmacy cohort. It was an extremely busy time for the Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center as we were still creating the infrastructure of the program and we were just starting the discussions of change packages. So here we are a year later, we are finishing up with our second progression (Opioid Stewardship) with cohort 1, beginning the task of determining which pharmacies will be included in cohort 2, and implementing improvements in the program based on our previous year experience.

Overall, I would say that the program has been very successful in that pharmacies have successfully transformed their practices, providing enhanced services, improving patient outcomes, and documenting their clinical work through e-care plans. I am never satisfied with the status quo and improvements in the Flip the Pharmacy program can be, and will be, made in year two. Some examples of the improvements are listed below:

  1. Ensuring the pharmacy sites are prepared, in advance, for the transformation process developed by the Flip the Pharmacy Coordinating Center. This includes reviewing an informational/educational video on medication synchronization and the appointment-based model and filling out a readiness survey to determine the sites readiness/ability to be successful in practice transformation.

  2. Improving the on-boarding process of leads and coaches by providing them with information on how to access resources, reports, and practice transformation tools, as well as providing them with responses to FAQs.

  3. Developing tools and resources to help the practice transformation teams (PTTs) coach their sites more effectively by keeping the pharmacy's staff engaged and accountable while ensuring that coaches understand their role and accountability to their selected sites.

  4. Improvements in timing and types of reporting that will help the PTTs assess their sites.

  5. Taking the learnings from CPESN USA COVID-19 Best Practices and utilizing the innovations and expertise of community pharmacists from across the country to provide examples of “best practices” with each domain within a progression.

Much like other transformative processes, such as Flip the Pharmacy, adjustments have to be made based on observations and results. The FtP coordinating center has made these adjustments/improvements to enhance and improve the experience for the participating pharmacies. We will continue to make improvements because we should always be striving to improve and optimize.

Good luck and best wishes for a productive new year for both cohort 1 and cohort 2. Know that you are not only making a difference within your practice and your patients, but just as importantly, you are making a difference for the profession!

Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA

Director of Practice Transformation, Flip the Pharmacy

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