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Opportunities Among Challenges

Daniel L. Krinsky, M.S., R.Ph., FAPhA

Owner and Pharmacist, EduCare4U, LLC

Co-Owner and Co-Founder, PGx101, LLC

Wow, so much has happened and is happening in our professional world, and the world in general. Our patients continue to struggle with many once-in-a-lifetime challenges. These provide us with opportunities! The importance of having a pharmacist as part of their healthcare team is as critical as ever. To date, the Flip-The-Pharmacy initiatives have been very effective in helping us better engage to enhance our reach and improve outcomes.

Our current focus on opiates and ways to leverage resources to help our patients is so timely. Many patients are struggling with pain and mental health issues – we can and should be there to help. The patient pledge is a great way to initiate a very important conversation with our patients. We’re also in a great position to talk with prescribers about what we’re seeing and hearing and how we feel patient care can be improved.

We continue to see successes with the FTP campaign! Care plans are leading to better outcomes… pharmacists are truly ‘flipping their practice”…and patients are benefiting from our expertise. This strategy is working, but this is just the beginning of a journey to advance our profession and improve the quality of life for our patients, and ourselves. Stay healthy and All the Best!

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