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Sync Saves Transplant Patient!

After his heart transplant, patient DB was enrolled in our pharmacy's medication adherence program. About 5 months after his transplant, his provider's office began discontinuing medications and a miscommunication resulted in DB stopping mycophenolate, one of his life-saving anti-rejection medications, instead of valacyclovir. As part of our medication synchronization program Donna, our adherence technician at Moose Pharmacy of Concord, reviewed his monthly medications and was concerned when he refused to fill mycophenolate. She knew this was something transplant patients need to take long-term and was determined to make sure he was taking the right medications. Although DB was insistent that he had stopped the correct medication, Donna was persistent in getting an official answer from the transplant team. After several phone calls, the mistake was discovered and DB was started back on his anti-rejection medication. Donna’s quick thinking and urgency resulted in the patient getting back on track with the correct medications and likely saved DB's life! 

Amber Morgan,

PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Resident

Moose Pharmacy

Carrie Lutheran

PharmD Candidate

High Point University School of Pharmacy

Kelci Trahms

Pharmacy Manager

Moose Pharmacy of Concord

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