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A Flip the Pharmacy Testimonial

I will openly admit I was hesitant to apply for Flip the Pharmacy. As a small rural independent, my staff is lean. My greatest concern related to limited pharmacist availability. We have one pharmacist per 9-5:30 shift. I knew that I would add in staffing in order to complete the FTP goals, as well as appropriately take care of patients from a dispensing perspective.

The first couple of months, I was nervous about my decision. Adding staff is expensive. I was receiving push back from my teams, as I was adding extra work. However, we stayed the course and I'm very grateful that we decided not to throw in the towel.

FTP goals have pushed my teams to work at the top of their scope. Both pharmacists and technicians alike are completing tasks that we originally thought impossible. As a result of the FTP Med-Sync goals, our percentage of aligned patients in all three locations has over doubled. This takes hard work, diligence and perseverance. Our pharmacists and technicians can explain a short fill in their sleep. It's important to note that what I feared would be road blocks have not been issues. Believing in our abilities as pharmacists and technicians is the key. We must trust the process and know that the light is at the end of the tunnel.

At month 3 of completing FTP goals and beyond, customers ask for Med-Sync, ask to have one on one interventions with their pharmacist, and show active interest in their outcomes.

I was no longer "throwing pills in a bottle." How very refreshing!

Now that we have created a system which incorporates MTM and clinical work into our daily dispensing work flow, our patients understand that their monthly visit to the pharmacy involves much more than just picking up pills. Once again, we are an integral part of the care team. I feel a change in our profession, being born of necessity. Payers are asking for improved outcomes, and by following the FTP workflow, we are able to deliver.

If you're on the fence, I understand. My operation is small, fluctuations in cash flow make taking risks difficult. Yes, I've added payroll costs, however, my DIR fees from Jan-June YTD have decreased by almost 50% as a result of our improved pharmacy performance.

Our revenue has increased due to increased prescription capture and an increase in vaccination efforts. The process also explains how we can maximize reimbursement for non-dispensing services such as MTM, e-care planning, and following a patient through time.

Push your pharmacy team to become more. We are part of the care team. Believing in this effort will bring our profession back to what is was always meant to be. I am grateful for the opportunity and know that our team will take the skills learned throughout this process with us in our future efforts.

Jennifer Clayton President/Owner

Clayton Pharmacy Services

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