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What is Flip the Pharmacy?


Flip the Pharmacy is a practice transformation initiative that aims to "flip" community-based pharmacies away from point-in-time, prescription-level care processes and business models to longitudinal and patient-level care processes and business models through the use of hands-on coaching.

The initiative focuses on identifying and adopting best practices for workflows that promote delivery of enhanced clinical services.

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Scaled Innovation

Community-based pharmacy doesn't lack innovation... it lacks scaled innovation.


For many decades , grantors, grantees, like-minded schools of pharmacy and other supporters have focused on innovations in community-based pharmacy practice.

While these innovations have been successful, they could not get to sufficient scale to have widespread pharmacy practice and policy outcomes. Flip the Pharmacy seeks to make a meaningful change in the perceptions of clinical outcomes with pharmacist intervention on a large national scale.


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Sustainable Success


70% of our health care bill comes from patients with two or more chronic illnesses... 83% of our prescription fills are for these patients.

The health care system is built to treat acute conditions. Pharmacy is no different. We fill prescriptions in a moment-in-time event without regard to past or future context. Chronic conditions dominate the demand for health care delivery. We seek to transform the pharmacy business model and workflow to match patient needs and positive outcomes.

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Incremental Change

Scalable pharmacy practice transformation requires changes to workflow, care processes and business modeling in repeatable, consistent, and achievable increments.  Change Packages prescribe those incremental changes in logical sequencing alongside near-real time feedback.

Practice Transformation Teams utilize Change Packages in unison with the local support of Practice Transformation Coaches. Coaches develop close relationships with participating pharmacies, engage in frequent on-site visits, and provide insights  on workflow, care processes, and business modeling.

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Prescriptive Implementation

Scalable practice transformation efforts require a structured process with as little ambiguity as possible, and with sufficient intensity and duration to stick with the pharmacy after the transformation process is complete.  Flip the Pharmacy will deploy a 24 month transformation process that emphasizes local supports and data driven milestones using SMART (specific-measurable-attainable-relevant-timely) methodologies across six separate transformation domains.



Leveraging the Appointment-Based Model



Optimizing the Utilization of Technology and eCare Plans 



Improving Patient Follow Up and Monitoring



Establishing Working Relationships with other Care Team Members



Developing New Roles for Non-Pharmacist Support Staff



Developing the Business Model and Expressing Value

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