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Why Everyone Needs a Flip the Pharmacy Scoreboard

The Medicine Shoppe Lufkin - Flip the Pharmacy Scoreboard

My name is Johnny Hargroue. I am a pharmacy technician, the Director of Marketing and the FtP Coach for our store, The Medicine Shoppe in Lufkin, Texas. I also aggregate some of the monthly business metrics like total Rx's, # of Sync patients, # of Dispill patients, # of Compounds, etc.

While talking to some of our pharmacists during the first month of Flip the Pharmacy, I was asked "how many eCare plans have we done so far?" or "how many new Dispill patients have we added this month?" Those questions got me thinking that we needed to have a tracking system somewhere in the pharmacy that is visible to everyone on our team.

The reason we are participating in Flip the Pharmacy in the first place is to develop a system to document the work that is done on a daily basis in each of our pharmacies to improve the lives of our patients. Our fellow employees need to know that each number on the scoreboard denotes a patient life that they are making a difference in.

So let's use the scoreboard to generate some excitement and enthusiasm within our team. If you noticed, I left up last months totals. Even though the minimum number of eCare plans hasn't changed, I am hoping that our team is just competitive enough to try and beat last months numbers.

Please feel free to use my example as a starting point for your design. And, I would love to see the scoreboards that other pharmacies design.

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