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When Oceans Rise...

Our pharmacy had been riding on what felt like a wave of calm before the storm, a honey moon phase of sorts. It seemed every day was smooth sailing regarding staffing, customer service, deliveries, laughter among the technicians, jokes with the customers...

And then the Ocean began to rise. A tidal wave of staff's family members exposed to COVID-19 and no one able to pick up the shift. Two weeks with someone gone here, another two weeks with another gone there. Anxieties were high that we would not be able to keep up with scheduled Medicare D review appointments, influenza vaccines and the already increased volume of prescriptions during cough and cold season. A perfect storm.

The captain of our ship, the PIC takes the helm and steers the ship to safety by moving just one day of Med Sync prescription fills from Thursday to Wednesday, the day we already have more staff on hand and available. Thursday and Friday are now wide open for all things appointment based. The control and flexibility we have with #MedSync calmed the seas.

When oceans rise, be grateful you have #MEDSYNC!

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