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We're flipping pharmacy practice in Illinois!

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Pharmacy is excited to collaborate with Illinois Community Pharmacy Enhanced Network (I-CPEN), Illinois Pharmacists Association (#IPhA) in our next step in pharmacy practice transformation. The university's academic medical center, UI Health, has a robust ambulatory care pharmacy department. UI Health ambulatory care pharmacies are coming together with micropolitan and rural pharmacies in the national Flip the Pharmacy (#FtP) implementation program. Together the Illinois FtP team is a group of entrepreneurial, innovative, academic and experienced leads, coaches and teams.

UI Health ambulatory care pharmacies have been engaged in practice transformation efforts through the UI TEAM RX care model. The model seeks to operationalize and make enhanced pharmacy services, such as monthly medication reconciliation, medication synchronization, preventative care, disease state management and care coordination, available to our patients in pharmacies in different parts of Illinois. We plan to leverage the UI TEAM RX care model through the FtP program across different pharmacies in Illinois. We are also taking the next step in our practice transformation by aligning with the national efforts of #CPESN USA.

We are moving from being prescription dispensers to patient care providers. Many of our patients say they come to our pharmacies because we know their name and their story. We are working towards the day our patients will say, "My pharmacy team knows my name, my story, they help me stay healthy and they walk with me towards meeting my treatment goals".

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Nov 14, 2019

Well said as always, Anitha.

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