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The Gift of Health.

Kourtney Chichilitti, PharmD, PPCN pharmacist at Professional Pharmacy in Pennsburg, PA plays Santa every day of the year. She gives out the greatest gift to her patients- the Gift of Health. Kourtney was gracious enough to share this example of her gift giving with our Flip the Pharmacy team:

A patient came into the pharmacy to get set up with adherence packaging. Kourtney took her blood pressure, which was 194/84 mmHg. The patient claims she takes her medications as prescribed, but her fill history suggests otherwise. Kourtney calls her PCP, cardiologist, and urologist and discovers that they all have different med lists for the patient. Kourtney reconciles the list for each provider, home health nurse, and the patient, counsels the patient on a new BP med, gets the patient set up with adherence packaging, and follows up with her regularly to track her BP. One month later, the patient's BP is now at goal, and Kourtney has evidence with her adherence packaging refills that the patient's adherence has improved (no missed doses!). This is a patient who had recently been in and out of the hospital, and Kourtney's interventions and consistent follow up likely saved her another hospital stay.

Kourtney would tell you that she was just doing her job. The difference in this case was that, due to her participation in Flip the Pharmacy, she documented each touch point with the patient and health care providers in a retrievable format. She has evidence of the impact that she made on this patient due to eCare plan documentation.

What is more valuable than the Gift of Health this holiday season? Thank you to Kourtney, her Flip the Pharmacy coaches, and all of our pharmacies nationwide who work tirelessly to make their patients healthier each day!

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