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  • Cody Clifton

Take Away from the 2019 NCPA | CPESN Annual Meeting

I was sitting on the plane, 5 minutes from the plane departing from San Diego International Airport after attending the NCPA | CPESN Annual Meeting, and this lady, one row up sitting on the opposite side of me, was talking on the phone before the flight attendant announced everyone to put their phones in airplane mode. I didn’t intend to eaves drop but then I heard the words “eCare plan.” Then of course my ears perked up knowing the individual had to be either a technology solutions partner or involved at the community-based pharmacy. She was calling her pharmacies talking about next steps with eCare Plan documentation.

Finally, she hung up the phone and I introduced myself. I said “excuse me, but not many people know the term eCare Plan,” and the conversation took off from there. We continued to talk for the next few minutes until the plane started lifting off the ground and we could no longer hear one another.

As a Flip the Pharmacy practice transformation coach, part owner with one of the “Hometown Pharmacies” and Director of Clinical Services for all the pharmacies within the company, CPESN Wisconsin Luminary, CPESN USA Board Member, Abbi Linde truly embodies the spirit of the future of community-based pharmacy.

Major Take Away from the meeting: Pharmacy staff members and owners are being asked to do more than ever and to know that they are continuing to provide excellent patient care, be leaders in the community, ensure inventory is stock, ensure the bills get paid, ensure payroll is done, and finally, are monumentally transforming their practices to make sure they can continue doing what they do best in the future, leaves me almost speechless.

I am so inspired by the stories that I’ve heard at the NCPA | CPESN Annual Meeting about where we are going and what’s to come! I cannot wait to see the impact of a year’s worth of change that will have occurred within the Flip the Pharmacy initiative and the progression of the CPESN movement when we come back together a year from now at our next Annual Meeting.

Keep up the great work everyone!! #FlipthePharmacy

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