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Success With Students

Just in the first few months, Flip the Pharmacy has been a rewarding experience for my pharmacy – patients, staff, and students included. I am lucky to have a staff that understands the importance of the challenging but worthwhile endeavor to change our workflow and practice. We also have advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) students who rotate to our site on monthly basis.

The student enthusiasm around Flip the Pharmacy has encouraged my staff to think differently and created excitement around implementing workflow changes. Students can help with change package implementation, engaging patients and helping with documentation. They can also provide workflow insights and identify areas for improvement, delivering an outsider’s assessment of your practice.

Students bring a unique perspective, striving for the idyllic practice described in the classroom setting. I think we are all striving for that type of practice and Flip the Pharmacy is the push we need to grow and evolve our community pharmacies. Students are great assets in practice transformation bringing passion and optimism to the project. If you aren’t engaging students from your local colleges of pharmacy, I highly recommend you start. The ACT (Academia-CPESN Transformation) Pharmacy Collaborative is doing great work to bring colleges and networks together to support the transformation of community-based pharmacy practice.

Happy Holidays, and be sure to read the blog next month for a student perspective on Flip the Pharmacy in action!

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