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Saving Lives Through Blood Pressure Monitoring

We recently had some meaningful experiences while implementing Flip the Pharmacy at Moose Pharmacy in Concord. A new patient was having trouble with adherence at his previous pharmacy, so we felt he would be a great candidate for our MoosePack and MedSync program. Through initial phone encounters, we could tell this patient was frustrated with the health care system. Prior to setting up MedSync for any of our new patients, we perform a Complete Medication Review (CMR) to reconcile and review medications for safety, effectiveness, and convenience. Thanks to CPESN and their Flip the Pharmacy initiative, we have now added checking blood pressures to this process.

For this particular patient, the initial blood pressure reading was 88/50 mmHg, and a second reading validated hypotension with 89/55 mmHg. The patient noted feeling tired lately and was visibly pale in the face. We quickly provided water and a snack for the patient and called the patient’s prescriber. Together we agreed on a plan to reduce the patient’s dose of his blood pressure medications. The patient was very thankful for our attention to detail. “I have never had a pharmacy sit down and spend time getting to know me like this.”

On a separate occasion, I checked a blood pressure for a patient waiting on maintenance medication refills. Her blood pressure was an initial reading of 173/76 and a second reading of 174/75. I spoke with her about the increased risk of heart attack or stroke with elevated blood pressure. I emphasized the importance of taking her blood pressure medications every day, reducing salt in her diet, and engaging in physical activity. She agreed to check her blood pressure more often at home. I submitted an eCare Plan for this patient and have since followed up with her in regard to the elevated blood pressure. Her blood pressure is now controlled, and she knows that she can come in anytime to have her blood pressure checked with us.

These patients and others have shown appreciation for our recent blood pressure monitoring program. Using the Flip The Pharmacy initiative, the pharmacists and pharmacy students here at Moose Pharmacy have provided more personalized services for our patients. I am eager to see how these innovative services continue to transform independent pharmacy!

Kelci Trahms, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager/Flip the Pharmacy Coach

Moose Pharmacy Concord

Kelly Jankowski

PharmD Candidate, Class of 2022 UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

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