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Re-Discovering Passion in a Time of Burnout

Sometimes you receive a message that is so powerful and encouraging that you have no choice but find a way to share that message. This happened with me last night when Cody Clifton sent me a comment from a #flipthepharmacy coach. I could wax poetic for 300 more words about this time of burnout and professional dis-satisfaction in community pharmacy, but these comments from one of our coaches speak that message more powerfully than I ever could:

"JC is a pharmacist with a great team in a small town. They huddle and are all committed to Flip the Pharmacy. They follow the plan as written, and transformation is happening! They went from zero to over one hundred medication synchronization patients in the first month. They use the forms to help document on the go and then enter information later. Med Sync is now a tech driven process, i't's something brand new to the pharmacy, and they have supported each other through the transition.

The pharmacy has invited all hypertension med sync patients to plan to visit with JC when they pick up so they can get a blood pressure check and an immunization screening. A technician does a lot of the blood pressure checks and enjoys the patient interaction. JC is a fabulous clinical pharmacist with certifications that have been under-utilized in the current practice. Just by setting aside time with patients, JC has been able to identify medication and health related problems and has intervened with local providers. She has re-found some joy and passion where burnout was taking over. She has committed two of her stores to Flip the Pharmacy. They have goals for the next year to initiate collaborative practice agreements with local providers and to have all pharmacists pursue board certification so they can provide great care. She believes in this program but she has to have payment opportunities in the near future. When payer opportunities become available for JC and her team I believe she will be a ROCK STAR!!"

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