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Navigating Flip the Pharmacy as a Resident

In an unprecedent year, I became a resident in a nontraditional residency; Chapman University School of Pharmacy’s (CUSP) CPESN Executive Residency. CUSP plays the role as the coordination center of CPESN California. As part of my residency, I quickly became acquainted with the clinically integrated network; the benefits of providing patient centered care at community pharmacies and the vision to produce clinical outcomes and to be rewarded by payers for performance.

My residency commenced as Flip the Pharmacy’s Cohort 2 was beginning, and I was tasked with coaching a new pharmacy to CPESN, which doubled as my practice site. This was an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in what I have learned is foundational to Flip the Pharmacy’s implementation of their domains and progressions. My practice site, Hendricks Pharmacy in Claremont, California, is family owned and provides a wide selection of services to the community. In very little time, I was implemented into the pharmacy’s workflow and appreciated the impact the pharmacy and its team had on the community. My preceptor, a very motivated pharmacist and pharmacy owner is no stranger to implementing clinical services in the pharmacy, he practices in the highest regard of his license, offering a list of services such as vaccination, birth control, and naloxone furnishing. He maintains a close relationship with local healthcare providers and collaborates with them to optimize patient care.

Utilizing the appointment-based model, we adopted the vaccination change package and re-initiated inoculations in the pharmacy with updated safety precautions. I realize this model has allowed me to better assess gaps in therapy and the opportunity to address them with my patients. The ongoing pandemic has deterred many from receiving routine vaccinations at their doctor’s offices and many have made it apparent that they are delighted, Hendricks Pharmacy is administering vaccines in a safe and comfortable manner. I am encouraged by the amount of trust the community places in their local pharmacy and the continuing guidance they seek from their pharmacist during these challenging times.

I have come to find, a foundational component of CPESN and the foresight to evolve community pharmacy practice is eCare plan documentation. A foreign term to both my preceptor and myself, we discovered the necessary value in documenting our encounters. We also recognized the challenges in documenting in real-time, as a result we created a quick documentation sheet to be implemented in the vaccination workflow with commonly used SNOMED codes for easier upload to our eCare plan vendor software. We plan on creating similar sheets based on this idea for future change packets.

In addition to my time in the pharmacy I am incorporated into the coordination center and tasked with various projects to help streamline Team CA. Moreover, I look forward to the new year and my opportunity to complete the requirements of my teaching certificate and spend a block learning from the minds at Prescribe Wellness.

Hendricks Pharmacy

137 N. Harvard Ave. Claremont, CA 91711


George Zikry, PharmD

CPESN Executive Pharmacy Resident

Chapman University School of Pharmacy

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