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Medsync Paving the Way!

Like many pharmacies today, we are always wondering how we will have enough time in the day to focus on what our patients really need! They need our knowledge and expertise in providing clinical services and not just filling their medications. Well for us, the answer is medsync. It has been wonderful at streamlining our workflow process. It has allowed us the opportunity to be more proactive and less reactive in filling medications. Medsync has granted us more time in the day to focus on all the services we want to provide to our patients.

At a couple of our retail locations, we have been able to get our medsync percentage of patients over 50% and it has made our workday struggles go from taxing to a breeze. Our stores have really focused on making medsync a priority for the last couple of months. Now, their whirlwind is so under control they can really focus on the clinical pearls we all want to be providing. This has allowed for more time for point of care testing, increased immunizations, meaningful adherence conversations and an increase in blood pressure checks. Especially now in the turbulent healthcare world of Covid, we have to be as efficient as possible in our workflows. We are inundated with Covid vaccines and testing that makes our old ways of completing the workflow inadequate.

We have decided as a leadership team that we will have obsessive focus on medsync for the next year. We are going to implement this at all of our retail locations and have set a company wide goal to have every store above 50%. We know that this will make us overall successful in not only decreasing our stress in the workday but also improve our patient’s therapeutic outcomes! At Good Day Pharmacy, we believe the best healthcare is based on relationships and delivered locally. We listen, innovate, and work together to meet the needs our communities.

Whitney Osborn, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager/Clinical Specialist Good Day Pharmacy

Team Lead for Colorado FTP Cohort 2

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