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It's a team effort to #combatcovid

Today Means Lauf Drug in Brookville, PA hit a huge milestone: this week alone their pharmacy team administered 1,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine in LTC facilities and to health care workers! Flip the Pharmacy site champion Erika Nicholson, PharmD has been putting in long hours this week to meet this public health need. Joined by her husband, Terrance Nicholson, PharmD and their staff pharmacist Dustin Price, PharmD, and with the help today of student pharmacist volunteers Kristin Bonzo (University of Pittsburgh), Kayla Widenhofer (Duquesne University) and Vahorasarfarj Ahmadbahi (Duquesne University), this pharmacy team successfully vaccinated 1,000 patients with their first dose of Moderna vaccine!

Kristin states, "I feel so privileged and thankful that I can help administer vaccines now! To be able to work with Means Lauf was an awesome experience and meaningful to see how much the privately owned pharmacies really care about their community as well. Every shot I administer, I can tell I’m making an impact in that person’s life. Everyone has felt loss of some sort as a result of COVID-19, so the relief and nervous excitement I see in everyone’s faces once they get their vaccine record card is just that much more meaningful and I’m grateful that I can help the community take another step back towards normal."

As their Flip the Pharmacy coach, I have witnessed their hard work and diligence in this initiative. The Flip the Pharmacy Change Packages and best practices have helped to prepare them to rise to this challenge and #combatcovid. Colleagues in the PA Pharmacists Care Network and PA Pharmacists Association have come together to help each other understand and complete federal and state requirements. This week we being to see some light at the end of this very long tunnel!

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