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It Just Got Real.

Flip the Pharmacy champion Erika Nicholson, owner of Means Lauf Super Drug in Brookville, PA, tasked her pharmacy team with embracing FtP through blood pressure monitoring. When she asked pharmacy employees to practice taking each other’s blood pressures, she never anticipated the outcome. One of her employees (let’s call her Sue) was found to have a blood pressure in the category of hypertensive urgency, per AHA guidelines. Sue couldn’t get an appointment with her PCP for another 3 days, so Erika’s accessible team monitored her in the interim, and worked with her to increase her blood pressure medication.

More than a week later, Sue’s blood pressure was significantly reduced. Sue had been suffering from chronic headaches for months, likely due to uncontrolled hypertension. Erika firmly believes they saved her from having a stroke. “We’re lucky we didn’t lose her. This may have saved her life.” What started out as an exercise, made a life-changing impact on pharmacy staff. Through monitoring, following up and documenting this near-emergency situation, the entire pharmacy team has been “flipped” to fully appreciate the value they have as a community pharmacy in the health of their patients and community- even inside their own walls.

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