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  • Kelsey James

Impacting Patient's Lives

Using the appointment based model in our pharmacy has impacted our patients in amazing ways. This system has given us an opportunity to meet with patients one-on-one, synchronize their medications, and find the right care plan for them as individuals. Our patients are very important to us, so having the ability to develop a care plan that best fits their needs has been an incredible step for our pharmacy.

I would like to share an example that we encountered this morning. We had a patient that was getting their medications unit-dosed from us in individual medication cards. She has been getting her medications this way since I have been with our pharmacy and is always pleasant when she comes in. She was coming in weekly, if not twice a week to get her medications, all filled in individual cards. This week, using our Flip The Pharmacy module, I took the extra time to sit down with her and ask if she would like to have all of her medications filled on the same day, and even try our adherence packaging system through our RapidPak that is far less bulky for her. The patient was in tears. She told me she has such trouble remembering when to take her medications and that she is always confused about what the pills are for. I told her that I had assumed she preferred the unit-dose packaging system but she told me she wasn't aware there were other ways to get her medications. This afternoon she will receive her new medication box, and she won't have to go through the trouble of getting refills, picking up medications, or running out of them too early.

Our new appointment based model has given our pharmacists a new outlook on finding the best personalized services for each patient. As an independent pharmacy we are proud to offer services like this that set us apart from others. Our med-sync and adherence packaging is growing already and we can't wait to see how many more lives we are able to impact through the use of this model.

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