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How to Identify and ACT on Opioid Use Disorder in Community Pharmacies- a podcast with Molly Nichols

Listen in on my conversation with Dr. Molly Nichols, a FtP Practice Transformation Coach and opioid use disorder (OUD) expert, to learn how you can make OUD interventions in your pharmacy.

Dr. Molly Nichols, PharmD, MS, MATS is one of our Purdue Flip the Pharmacy Coaches for Team Indiana who also happens to be a content expert in opioid use disorder (OUD). Our team compiled the most asked questions about OUD and OUD interventions in the community pharmacy space from pharmacy champions for Molly to help answer, provide resources and actionable recommendations.

Listen in on part 1 of our conversation HERE:

Whereas some of Molly's resource recommendations are Indiana specific- many are not! See below for links out to many of the resources Molly cited in our podcast!

Local Organizations with an emphasis in OUD and SUD resources:

Where to find your IN county's allotment of Opioid Settlement Funding:

OTC Recommendations to help patients with opioid withdrawal:

  • Pepto-Bismol to help with nausea/vomiting/diarrhea

  • Loperamide to help with diarrhea

  • Antihistamines to help with the tearing and runny noses

  • Advil to help with joint pain

Some specific tools Molly recommends include:

Treatment Services Locator for IN patients:

Thanks for listening and participating in this important conversation with us! We are looking forward to recording Part 2, where we will dig deeper into pain management-related questions from our Indiana pharmacy champions. Let us know your thoughts below!

Katie Hettinger, PharmD

Community Practice Research Fellow | Purdue University

Assistant Network Facilitator and Cohort 2 FtP Team Lead for Indiana | CPESN IN

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