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How Lucky We Are!

When I was thinking about the content for my first blog as the Communications Coordinator for Flip the Pharmacy, I wanted to write something inspirational.

Then I spent Monday afternoon shaving Troy’s head on Facebook Live. On my drive home I thought to myself “wow, we’re lucky to have a leader like Troy who is so committed to this cause.”

Then I thought more about it. I thought about all of the other ways that we’re lucky.

We’re lucky to have the Community Pharmacy Foundation making this possible by funding the Practice Transformation Teams. We’re lucky to have CPESN USA and their hardworking team coordinating the project. We’re lucky to have subject matter experts sharing their knowledge and experience. We're lucky to have network partners across the country who are pledging energy and resources to help our teams. We’re lucky to have motivated teams, coaches and pharmacies who want to make a difference.

Ultimately, we’re lucky to have this opportunity to transform our practices, to improve the health of our patients, and to work towards a more sustainable model for community pharmacy.

I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this team, and I’m looking forward to working with you all as we #flipthepharmacy!

Behind the Scenes!

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