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Helping our Local Healthcare Team

The pharmacist team at Boscobel Pharmacy works in close collaboration with the local clinic providers in Boscobel, WI. The team was excited for February’s Flip the Pharmacy change package, focusing on Establishing Working Relationships with other Care Team Members and introducing the role of the pharmacy to local providers. Although the pharmacy already has a long-standing relationship with the local clinic and communicates with them regularly, the pharmacy scheduled a personal meeting with one of the local physicians and clinic representatives to discuss and share several important projects each party had in mind.

Here are some discussion points from the meeting that show the importance of an occasional provider outreach:

First, because of the recent emphasis on blood pressure monitoring and follow-up from the change packages in prior months, the pharmacy discussed blood pressure goals with the physician and representative to ensure that diabetic patients were targeting a consistent goal of <130/80 mmHg. It is crucial to ensure that both the pharmacy and clinic are working towards similar goals in order to optimize the efficiency of patient care. Boscobel Pharmacy has been looking forward to enhancing care for patients with hypertension and proposed the idea of a Collaborative Practice Agreement(CPA) with the physician to prescribe blood pressure meters for patients who are ready to monitor at home and have insurance coverage. Thankfully, the physician was extremely open towards this idea and is looking forward to a draft of the CPA for review.

On the clinic’s side, they provided an update on their Families Learning and Growing (FLAG) program and expressed that they would like to see more families in the local community participating in the program to help prevent weight-related health problems from developing among children ages 8 to 12. Boscobel Pharmacy acquired an InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer and spoke to the physician about the opportunity for the clinic to make referrals to the pharmacy for body weight and composition assessments along with medication reviews. After this, the physician spoke about her patients with pain contracts who test positive for THC and proposed a lunch and learn with the pharmacy about CBD oil products.

We are extremely grateful to have such an amazing healthcare team in Boscobel that is open to collaboration and development of ideas and projects. We’re looking forward to seeing how Flip the Pharmacy can continue to enhance our working relationships and level of patient care.

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