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Getting vaccines in arms- Indiana pharmacies are stepping up

Katie Hettinger, PharmD

Resident Pharmacist, Topeka Pharmacy

Maggie Meuleman and Peter Zaleski

As states are starting to receive more COVID-19 vaccines, pharmacists across Indiana are stepping up to help our communities get vaccinated. In Indiana, patients 70+ are now eligible for the vaccine, alongside healthcare workers and law enforcement officers. However, in some more rural areas of the state, vaccinations may only be available at county health departments or select hospitals.

Pharmacists at Phillips Drugs in Richmond, IN stepped up to help vaccination efforts in their area by volunteering to help vaccinate patients with their local health department. The Wayne County Health Department has been using space at an old department store that has since gone out of business next to the pharmacy to administer COVID-19 vaccines. Staff at Phillips Drugs have been instrumental in helping with administration. "It has been so heart warming to be a part of the community effort to vaccinate our older adults" said Maggie Meuleman, a clinical pharmacist at Phillips Drugs. Maggie started the immunization program at Phillips Drugs around 2 years ago and is excited to give back to the community in this way. Above, Maggie Meuleman and Peter Zaleski, owner of Phillips Drugs, are pictured holding Moderna vaccines at their clinic. Peter recently completed his immunization certification with the specific intention to volunteer at this clinic as much as possible!

Hannah Smith and Katie Hettinger at Topeka Pharmacy

In northern Indiana, pharmacists at Topeka Pharmacy worked with the Indiana State Department of Health to receive vaccine directly at the pharmacy! The LaGrange County Health Department was the only place patients could receive vaccines in the county, with the next nearest vaccination center over 30 minutes away. Topeka Pharmacy is the first pharmacy in the state to receive vaccines on-site. In preparation to receive vaccines, two technicians at Topeka Pharmacy completed their immunization certifications and they have both had a significant impact in helping administer vaccines in the community. Topeka Pharmacy will have given almost 200 vaccinations by the end of the week.

23 CPESN Indiana pharmacies are signed up to give COVID-19 vaccines through CPESN as their Federal Pharmacy Partner for Phase 2 of the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination program.

It's our shot, Hoosiers, and Indiana pharmacies are ready.

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