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FtP - Multiple Site Perspective

We are excited to be working with the Flip the Pharmacy team. Drugco staff have long had a FTP mindset, valuing the longevity of a good patient- pharmacy relationship. Drugco has always focused on the overall patient care they deliver. Our staff prides themselves in the number of tools we offer to help patients succeed- and rightly so! From home delivery and medication adherence packaging (PillPacks) to blood pressure checks and home medical equipment, Drugco goes the extra mile. We are well aligned with the FTP values and are certain nothing but good things can come from this new relationship!

Each of our locations are continuously focused on growing our medication synchronization (Medsync) and PillPack participation. Not only have these programs helped our staff workflow and inventory management, but our patient relationships have strengthened. Our patient’s have learned to expect our monthly calls and have become increasingly more receptive and trusting of us. Each day more patients learn what a valuable and integral part of their health-care team their pharmacy truly is! We have been able to utilize many tools available to us from FTP to help grow these programs.

Our staff, along with countless others across the nation, have met the challenges of COVID and the COVID pandemic head on with an overwhelmingly positive “can-do” attitude. Rightly so, pharmacies have been recognized for their vaccination efforts. Our staff has fully embraced their duty and thrived in the community. The majority of our Certified Pharmacy Technicians willingly and excitingly became certified immunizers. We hope to expand the opportunities available for our technicians to participate in more clinical activities with the help of FTP. Currently, we’re looking into opportunities for technicians to help document blood pressure and blood glucose measurements.

We are ready and excited to be a part of FTP and stay in-the-know with the ever-changing pharmacy landscape!

Samantha Hudson


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