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Flip the Pharmacy!!

The excitement around this endeavor is palpable through TEAM WPQC! We have 40+ Wisconsin community pharmacies elevating their care of patients in a way that takes care of patients over time vs just a prescription in time. Our first month goal is 25 ecare plans per month which will be a stretch but a necessary stretch and I feel Wisconsin Pharmacy is ready for the challenge.

A little history on TEAMWPQC....The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin was fortunate to receive a CMMI grant in 2008 allowing the creation of the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative(WPQC). This program leveraged a quality assurance program in tandem with pharmacist and pharmacy certification and engaged payors in reimbursing pharmacies embracing these models for comprehensive medication reviews. Fast Forward 11 years and Wisconsin community pharmacists have provided OVER 10,000 Comprehensive Medications Reviews for Wisconsin Medicaid.

With Flip the Pharmacy we are hoping to engage more pharmacies across the state to operationalize clinical care in their pharmacies. We have an avenue for payment and can work to care for patients in a variety of ways through concentration on medication synchronization, technician final product verification, and optimization of pharmacy support staff. Thanks to all involved in this important project which will ensure patient access to community pharmacy through demonstration of value!

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