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Fighting Fire with MedSync

In 2010 my husband and I purchased 2 stores in South Central Kansas.  They were good, local stores that didn't do anything except lick, stick, pour.  Over the past 10 years we have added many services, including a robust #MedSync program that has been transformed in many ways as we progress.  Although busy, it seems calm at these stores, rarely more than one person waiting on prescriptions at a time and very little need to loan pills anymore.  

Fast forward to 2019, we have purchased 4 additional locations a little to the north.  They are the same lick, stick, pour kind of pharmacies.  One of the stores is busy as far as fills go, but no enhanced services.  It feels like mass chaos all the time, like all you do is put out one fire only to find another.  There are people staring at you waiting to fill their prescriptions.  The phone is ringing constantly.  You have to call the doc for refills while the patient clogs the drive-thru.  When could we possibly have time for a flu shot?!   I had not appreciated how much impact that #MedSync program had on the pharmacy.  We were getting busier and doing more things without feeling their burden.  The appointment-based model meant that we didn't have many surprises, we were able to do things on our own time, we were prepared.  In addition to better patient care, the appointment based model is your fire prevention technique.   It allows you to anticipate problems and solve them without the patient even knowing.  Our employees, and our customers, are much calmer in this environment.   I encourage all of you to adopt and thrive in the Appointment Based Model. 

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