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Enhancing Patient Care with ECare Plans!

The pharmacist team at Boscobel Pharmacy takes care of patients in close collaboration with the local clinic providers in Boscobel, WI. The team is excited to have access to the Flip the Pharmacy change packages guided by Team WPQC in facilitating the provision of longitudinal patient care through eCare plans. Here is pharmacist, Dr. Rebecca Augustine's story of how she utilized these tools.

One of Boscobel Pharmacy’s patients presented for a scheduled Comprehensive Medication Review involving follow-up on previous issues involving blood sugar, smoking cessation, and mood changes. The patient has historically had wide fluctuations in his blood sugar ranging anywhere from around 70 mg/dL up into the 200s which the patient notes as being due to stress and poor eating habits. The patient reported that he smokes 3-4 cigarettes each day and unfortunately is not ready to quit at the moment due to his stress. Upon review of his medication profile, Rebecca discovered that the patient was taking both escitalopram 10mg daily and sertraline 100mg daily.

                Rebecca discussed with the patient the importance of maintaining consistent blood sugar levels through good adherence to his antihyperglycemic medications and improvements in his diet. She determined that the best way to support the patient once he becomes ready to quit smoking would be to initiate nicotine lozenges or gum due to prior skin reactions to nicotine patches and mood changes from Chantix. Upon discovery that the patient was taking two different SSRI medications, she worked with the local clinic providers in discontinuing the patient’s sertraline and assured that the patient was able to gradually taper off of the medication safely.

                This patient encounter was documented using QS1’s built-in eCare plan capabilities and categorized as a duplicate medication encounter. The patient encounter, pharmacist interventions and education, and patient goals and outcomes were all recorded in one handy package for quick review as the patient continues to present for future visits.

We're proud of the care we provide at our pharmacy and excited about the difference we can make in patient's lives by employing these Flip the Pharmacy tools and further developing our ECare plan process.

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