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40,000+ Ecare Plans!

We have collectively completed over 40,000 ecare plans nation-wide in the first 3 months of Flip the Pharmacy (FtP)! Flu season, immunizations, holidays, employees out sick, Medicare enrollment, end of the year metrics, Equipp/MTMs to manage... There are a lot of reasons to not reach beyond our comfort zone and learn something new. However, 40,000 times we did.

Maybe it was a therapeutic duplication you resolved. Maybe it was a full medication reconciliation after a hospital discharge and hypertension education with daily blood pressure checks. 40,000 times we discovered a need or dug deeper into a problem and designed a plan to improve it. 40,000 times patients benefited from our knowledge and services not just from the medications we dispensed. We were likely doing many of these activities before FtP, but now our expertise is recorded 40,000 times. Challenging each other to be better than yesterday will continue to cause us growing pains but we are shaping the future of community pharmacy. Our patients are worth it.

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