COVID-19 Change Packages

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Change Package #1

This document is intended to help community pharmacies currently focused on protecting pharmacy staff and patients. This "change" requires new workflows (practice transformation).


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Change Package #2

This document is intended to provide a stepwise, workflow approach for triaging patients suspected of COVID-19 and to develop a care plan for those patients.

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Change Package #3

Helps to guide community pharmacies in applying for a CLIA Waiver in a straight-forward guidance document. *A how-to video is provided to help you fill out the form.*


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Change Package #4

As community-based pharmacies consider reopening, learn what you need to consider when preparing to reopen your pharmacy to the patients you serve in your community while keeping pharmacy staff safe and healthy.


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Participating Teams

Team California

Team Colorado

Team Florida

Team Georgia

Team Greater Appalachian Transformation Effort

Team Hawaii

Team Illinois Community Pharmacy Enhanced Network

Team Iowa

Team Kansas

Team Kroger

Team Louisiana

Team Michigan

Team Minnesota

Team Mississippi

Team Missouri Pharmacists Association

Team NC Mutual CPESN (North Carolina)

Team Nebraska Enhanced Services Pharmacies

Team New Jersey

Team Ohio

Team PPOK-RxSelect 

Team Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network 

Team South Carolina

Team South Dakota

Team Tennessee

Team Texas

Team Washington

Team WPQC powered by PSW/CPESN WI

Team Wyoming supported by North Star Pharmacy

and Infusion

Participating Pharmacies

Program Updates

Transformation Domain #2: Improving Patient Follow-Up and Monitoring

Transformation Domain #3: Developing Roles for Non-Pharmacist Support Staff

Transformation Domain #1: Leveraging the Appointment-Based Model


Transformation Domain #4: Optimizing the Use of Technology and electronic Care Plans 

Transformation Domain #5: Establishing Working Relationships with Other Care Team Members


Transformation Domain #6: Developing the Business Model and Expressing Value


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