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Upgrading for Upgraded Care

Kevin C. Day, PharmD

Owner, Days Miami Heights Pharmacy

Luminary & Managing Network Facilitator, CPESN Ohio

When we started our Flip the Pharmacy journey, we operated an ‘old fashioned’ pharmacy. Our team was kind and welcoming, willing to take the time to listen to patients and offer advice or just to talk if that is what the patient wanted. Our process was also ‘old fashioned’ with pharmacists or technicians hand-counting prescriptions and pharmacists hand-checking them. We started a medication sync program on paper and adherence packaging with a model where we printed labels for every script and covered the packaging in labels. As we moved through the Flip the Pharmacy change packages, we realized the inefficiencies in our processes that were limiting our ability to work towards our real goals, improved care for patients.

In the past 18 months, we’ve upgraded every piece of technology in our pharmacy and, with the technology, many of our processes. All of this expense and effort is designed to allow our pharmacists to pause, observe, and think about the patient who they are caring for over and over every day. In our old process, the pharmacist was checking data entry, drug picking, counting, labeling (i.e. the entire fill process) along with patient specific concerns. With the new technology, our pharmacists can be incredibly confident in the barcode and VIVID device driven pick, count and fill process leaving them a much easier check task of verifying data entry and the patient specific factors.

With the new process, we’ve created consistent situations where pharmacists can analyze the entire medication list with the patient and document observations and recommendations immediately with the built-in care planning functionality. These upgrades and the guidance of the Flip the Pharmacy change packages have allowed us to pursue our mission of being a technologically driven, adherence-based, patient-centered, and outcomes-driven pharmacy. The best part? Even as we grow and evolve, we can still provide the kind, welcoming care the old-fashioned way.

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