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FtP: Transforming the Future of Pharmacy

Flip the Pharmacy (FTP) is an amazing opportunity for stores to stay connected to the community and strengthen relationships with their patients. FTP allows the utilization of technicians to enhance their skill set to help assist with patient care. Technicians are vital to pharmacy operations and are a pharmacist’s greatest asset as they are the backbone to fully complete your vision. FTP gives purpose to technicians as they are now able to climb ladders that were not once available before. The completion of tasks by technicians provides relief of duties from the pharmacist to allow for more clinical assessments with patients. FTP is advancing the practice of pharmacy and changing the traditional roles of a community setting. The fusion of clinical and operations requires a united team to fully transform and change to what the future of pharmacy is becoming. Remember if we do not change with the times then we become something of the past. Many hometown pharmacies are having to officially close doors because the time of advancement came too late for them. To help combat these hard times in pharmacy, FTP has tools and support to help set your pharmacy up to be prepared when a pharmacist can bill for their services. The electronic care plans are implemented to document the value pharmacists add to optimizing patient care and giving insight

to all that is within a pharmacist’s scope of practice which is continuously evolving. If pharmacists can bill for their services in the future, documentation is key to getting paid. Electronic care plans get pharmacists and technicians in the habit of documenting what occurs during an encounter with a patient, because in theory if you did not document it, then the event did not occur. Another bonus to electronic care plans is data tracking and determining the pharmacy’s goals and goals for your patients. Learning FTP can be overwhelming at first but with the help of staff and support from coaches, you are never alone.

Karen Clark

PharmD Candidate 2022

Wingate University School of Pharmacy

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