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Don't Fear the Flip

Many people fear change and, unfortunately, we find ourselves in that category especially at Kinston Clinic Pharmacy. For over 50 years, we have always thrived through routine and predictability - it gives one the sense of control. Being creatures of habit, we fear change which could lead to unwanted stress or even failure.

However, our “lightbulb moment” happened one day at the pharmacy during a time of ensuing chaos - the whole world of healthcare was changing around us with the existence of COVID, declining insurance reimbursements, and trends toward value-based payments versus fee-for-service healthcare models. It was if someone literally had flipped the switch and a mental light came on saying “start making some changes or else the emanate changes will break you.”

As a result of that “flipping” of the switch, here we are. While all necessary changes cannot be made successfully at once, we are enrolled in “Flip the Pharmacy” as a first of many steps in making changes for the better and to meet the ever changing demands of healthcare. We’ve been blessed to have two of the best pharmacists and FtP coaches, Ouita Gatton & Christine Heath, who have constantly supported our goals and efforts of change. And, while we are still in the early phase of the FtP program, we are happy to report some positive changes at the pharmacy - our MTM program has really evolved, our med sync program has transformed from a monthly paper calendar to a more efficient computer program, & our understanding and utilization of e-care plans has skyrocketed.

While many more changes are warranted, Rome wasn’t built in a day - it is, after all, hard to teach a dog new tricks, but Flip the Pharmacy has really helped Kinston Clinic Pharmacy to push its limits and learn to break the barriers and start advocating for change in this new era of pharmacy.

Kinston Clinic Pharmacy (Cohort 3- Team NC)

Candi Potter & Madison Saint-Amand Davis

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