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Bringing Vaccination Efforts Back to the Pharmacy

At Waterfront Family Pharmacy, we have been able to collect immunization histories for all 650 patients enrolled in our medication synchronization program. We feel that our pharmacy and patients have greatly benefited from this initiative. Moreover, we have been able to make recommendations to many patients either over the phone or in person when they pick up their prescriptions. The former pharmacy resident and Flip the Pharmacy champion, Dr. Kara Kozul said, “While we initially saw a significant decline in numbers of both Pneumovax and Shingrix vaccinations, we have been able to steadily increase those numbers through immunization record review and subsequent recommendations.”

We are continuing to provide COVID-19 vaccinations at Waterfront Family Pharmacy and in coordination with the WVU School of Pharmacy. When asked about the benefit to our patients, Dr. Kozul stated “Patients benefit from having a pharmacy team that is not only focused on immunizing against COVID-19, but also other routine vaccinations.” As a pharmacy, our ultimate goal is to see our vaccination numbers return to what they were before the pandemic and to continue to enhance our patient care experience.

Waterfront Family Pharmacy is continuing to provide education and recommendations to our patients on recommended vaccinations. We hope that through our efforts we can get our patients back on track with their immunization needs. It is truly a team effort to provide recommendations and administer vaccinations to ensure that our patients are protected from vaccine preventable diseases!

Written on behalf of Team CPESN West Virginia by Megan Boniti, PharmD Candidate, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy based on her interview of former Waterfront Family Pharmacy champion, Dr. Kara Kozul.

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Brooke Kulusich
Brooke Kulusich

With all the focus on COVID vaccines lately, we can't forget about our other routine vaccinations! Great work to Team WV!


Thanks Brooke!

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