Intensive, Hands On, Prescriptive, Domain-Centered Change

Scalable practice transformation efforts require a structured process with as little ambiguity as possible, and with sufficient intensity and duration to stick with the pharmacy after the transformation process is complete.  Flip the Pharmacy will deploy a 24 month transformation process that emphasizes local supports and data driven milestones using SMART (specific-measurable-attainable-relevant-timely) methodologies across six separate transformation domains.

What is FtP?

24 Stage Change Pkg.png

Domain 1 : Leveraging the Appointment-Based Model - Medication Synchronization is at the core of the ABM model, yet what are the patient evaluation, care coordination, and medication use support services that may be efficiency layered alongside the mechanical medication synchronization process. 

Domain 2 : Improving Patient Follow Up and Monitoring - Community-Based Pharmacies have great opportunity to lead the health care system in effective patient follow up and monitoring utilizing system-leading number of patient touch points.  

Domain 3 : Developing New Roles for Non-Pharmacist Support Staff -  Gone should be the days of limiting pharmacies to two types of roles: Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians.  Roles that address common challenges to the healthcare system such as patient engagement and activation, care team communications, social determinants of health, and analysis of data are essential to successful population health management and accountable care.  

Domain 4 : Optimizing the Utilization of Technology and electronic Care Plans - The eCarePlan is fundamental to the successful operationalization of Domains 1-3 and 6.  Working hand in hand with software companies, pharmacies should develop best practices documentation processes. 

Domain 5 : Establishing Working Relationships with other Care Team Members - Results from CCNC's CMMI innovation project showed that pharmacies who built and maintained meaningful working relationships with other care team members. 

Domain 6 : Developing the Business Model and Expressing Value - What is the return on investment to the pharmacy for moving towards longitudinal, patient level health care services delivery.