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eCare Plans: Aim for the singles and you'll get the home runs

Back in October, Team Indiana hosted our first-ever "Office Hours with Team Indiana". About a year into Cohort 2, we realized we wanted to create space for our pharmacies to have a chance to chat with me, the Team Lead, and our coaches "off the script" to network, share best practices, and collaborate.

A common topic of discussion was eCare plan best practices. How do you get started? What interventions are good for an eCare plan?

Saumiin Calcuttawala, owner of CPESN Indiana pharmacy Carmel Prescription Shop, said "I'm always aiming for a 'home run intervention' when maybe I should really look for the singles too". Every intervention we make as pharmacists makes a difference- even if it doesn't seem like a home run. Every time we give a patient their flu shot in a familiar, accessible setting, we hit a single. When we help patients get up to date on all of their vaccines? Home run.

And those interventions add up! Rachel Busch and Camille Boyken (pictured on the left) at DeVille Pharmacies recently received rewards from Flip the Pharmacy for submitting the top 25% of immunization specific eCare plans and total eCare plans!

Never doubt the impact you make. Every intervention- every vaccine, every OTC recommendation, every drug utilization review and interaction avoided- make a difference. Every time you are there for a patient, ready to answer a medication question or combat vaccine hesitancy with empathy, you make a difference. All interventions are worthy of an eCare plan!

Ready to get started? See this resource from CPESN, Track 1: How to Submit an eCare plan:

What are your best practices for eCare plans?

Katie Hettinger, PharmD

Community Practice Research Fellow | Purdue University

Team Lead for Indiana in FtP Cohort 2

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