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A Student Pharmacist's Perspective

As a soon-to-be graduate from West Virginia University School of Pharmacy, I have been excitedly exploring the vast roles of pharmacists during my rotational experiences. It wasn’t until my first rotation in ambulatory care that I was introduced to Flip the Pharmacy (FtP) and its contributions to the advancement of patient care. My primary preceptor for this rotation serves as the Lead Network Facilitator for CPESN West Virginia; her enthusiasm for this initiative was evident and this excitement was transferred directly the pharmacy team as a whole.

Growing up in rural West Virginia, I witnessed first-hand that factors such as medical literacy, socioeconomic background, and healthcare access can limit the optimal health outcomes of our patients. I have always believed that, as pharmacists, we are at an advantage to begin bridging the gaps towards better patient outcomes. FtP is a unique opportunity for pharmacists to practice at their top of their licenses and advocate for the betterment of all of our patients – just as every population deserves.

Ultimately, I am excited by the opportunities and shift towards patient-centered care in our field. After involvement with FtP, I truly look forward to the advancements that will be made in our profession and in our contributions to patient care as healthcare providers!

Written by Mackenna Boone, PharmD Candidate, WVU School of Pharmacy

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